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Organelle OS Update July 14 2017

The latest Organelle OS update and an updated manual are now available.

This v2.1 update features many small fixes and some big new features.  The update is available as a regular Organelle patch.  Download here.

To update simply download and run the patch. You will be prompted to press Aux button to start update. The Organelle shuts down after the update and you will have re-apply power.

Select Info in the System menu and it should say version 2.1

The following improvements and features are also covered in the new manual.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • More responsive OLED, no more flickering, faster frame rate
  • Faster VU meter response
  • Maximum number of patches in menu increased to 1000
  • Knobs are filtered so that their values don't jump around
  • Long patch names are truncated in the middle

New Features

  • Patches can utilize the encoder selector for things like navigating pages of parameters. See example patches below.
  • Save and Save New are added to the System menu. These commands will save the state of the patch including the position of the knobs. Save New saves everything into a brand new patch folder. This opens up a new workflow where you can create presets right from the device.
  • MIDI Channel setting is added to the System menu. This command allows you to change the default MIDI input and output channel.
  • Custom System scripts may be added to the USB drive. These scripts will show up in the System menu and can allow for future functions like connecting to WiFi.

Example Patches

We are also releasing two new patches that demonstrate using the encoder selector in a patch. Multi Page Template documents a system we created for making a 4 page patch that also utilizes the new Save and Save New commands in the System menu to save its parameters. Multi Page Synth uses the same 4 page menu to create a multi page analog style synthesizer.

Saving 'Scenes' on the ETC! July 07 2017

Here's a new video that demonstrates the difference between an ETC Mode and Scene

A Mode ships with the ETC and is ready for your customization. Depending on the Mode, you can adjust color, size, position, etc. Once you are happy with your adjustments, you can save your settings as a Scene or preset. You can have many Scenes created from the same Mode!

Critter & Guitari at Moogfest! May 08 2017


Critter & Guitari will have a booth at the Modular Marketplace. Come by to check out the Organelle, ETC, and other instruments!

We'll be there May 18-21 from 10am-6pm. 

The Power Plant Gallery: Power Plant Building, Suite 100, American Tobacco Campus, 320 Blackwell Street, Durham, NC 27701

For more information, please visit:

On Friday May 19 we will be leading a conversation called Custom Code: Live Programming the Organelle and ETC

The Organelle and ETC allow artists to program new functionality and behaviors in real time. In this workshop we will introduce two powerful real-time programming environments, Pure Data and Python, and discuss how they are used inside the Organelle and ETC.  We will demonstrate how to create music and video behaviors from scratch, a fun and freeing experience.

May 19 4:15pm - 5:15pm // Full Frame Theatre // 318 Blackwell St, Durham, NC 27701

For more information, please visit: 

ETC Video Synthesizer May 07 2017

The ETC is here!
Welcome to the world of the ETC, Critter & Guitari's new video synthesizer! The ETC reacts to music to create endlessly mesmerizing visuals.

It is simple to use, just plug it in and start creating. But don't be fooled by the simplicity of the ETC, there are many features and goodies hidden inside.

Whether you are creating live visuals, working on a music video, or want to program your own graphics, the ETC will become an indispensable tool.

Check out the video below to see it respond to sound!



ETC Mode Repository 

One way to customize the ETC is to add or remove modes that we release. Modes are available for free download at 

Video Specifications:
  • HDMI video output
  • Video Format: 720p, 60 Hz
  • ¼" Monophonic Sound Input Jack
  • ¼" Footswitch Jack
  • MIDI input: 5-pin MIDI jack & USB-MIDI
  • 4GB USB Drive included.
Power Requirement:
  • 9VDC, 1.0 Amp, Center-positive plug.
  • Power Supply included. (Input: 100-240 Volts AC at 50/60 Hz.)
Physical Characteristics:
  • Size: 6" x 4.75" x 2.125"
  • Enclosure: Anodized Aluminum top, ABS Plastic bottom, rubber foot pads
Availability: Shipping now! 

New Patches: Stereo Rhythmicon and Sound Recorder February 19 2017

We have a of couple new Organelle patches up this week.  A Rhythmicon with a twist and a bare bones sound recorder. Use Stereo Rhythmicon to create swirling harmonic polyrhythms and use Recorder anytime you need to quickly record an idea or jam or session.

Check them out on the patches page.

New Patch: Children of Sample January 31 2017

We have a new Organelle patch ready to roll!  This one lets you mash up a sound sample 24 different ways, and then add effects and record a sequence. 

Download Children of Sample


New Patch Friday: Guitar 2 ARP January 20 2017

After a little hiatus we are getting back to our weekly new patch postings for the Organelle.  Kicking it off this week we have an arpeggiating guitar synthesizer.  Plug in a guitar, bass or any other sound and transform it into a gnarly arpeggiating synth voice.  Use the keys to select different arpeggio patterns.  Best through a loud amplifier.

Download Guitar 2 ARP



Pat Noecker (AKA Raft) playing the bass with Guitar 2 ARP:

New Patch Friday: Polybeats DRG32V December 16 2016

We have a new version of the endlessly fun Pow Pow's Polybeats patch this week.  With both patches you create complex polyrhythms by starting sounds that repeat at different periods.  In the new version the maximum period is bumped up to 32 from 16, allowing for longer rhythms.  You can also set a volume for each sound, for more dynamic rhythms.  The new patch also takes a different approach to the sounds.  Instead of a different sound for each key, a fewer number of total sounds are used redundantly.  This means you can get patterns happening with the same sound, as you would hear in a more traditional drumbeat.  


Download Polybeats DRG32V



New Patch Friday: Overloop December 10 2016

We have another sampler this week!  In the same vein as I Take Up the new Overloop is for generating and regenerating sounds immediately.  The patch features a Kaleidoloop style record play toggle on the Aux button (you can also use a footswitch).  Press it to start recording, press it again to stop and your sound begins to play in a loop.  Use Knob 2 to control how much of the playing loop bleeds onto the next recording.  Also the playing loop goes through a delay, so you can modulate it before bleeding into the next recording.  All the loops are saved in the 'Sounds' folder, and the keyboard addresses the most recent 24 sounds.

Download Overloop

Bolsa Bass + Black & White Video Scope Bundle! December 09 2016

Bundle Deal: Get 20% off when you order the Bolsa Bass + Black & White Video Scope together!

You'll see the deal in both the Bolsa Bass or Black & White Video Scope product pages.


Sale runs through December 12 2016. While Supplies Last!

New Patch Friday: Rhythm Delay Dist December 04 2016

We have a new effect processor for this week's patch: Rhythm Delay Dist.  This effect lets you key in a polyrhythmic sequence on the keyboard, similar to the drum machine patch Pow Pow's Polybeats.  But in Rhythm Delay Dist the sequence is used to switch distortion and delay effects on and off,  transforming your input sound into a polyrhythmic patchwork!

 Download here

'I Take Up' - Organelle Patch Demo Video December 01 2016

With 'I Take Up,' you can record and play all kinds of crazy loops on the Organelle!

Hit the Aux button (or foot pedal) to record into a loop (use the keyboard to select one of 24 loops), causing the loop to grow in length. Adjust the playback speed and direction with the knob 4. With knob 3 control how much of the playing loop is mixed into the recording, this is when it really gets fun....

Download it from our site today.

Organelle & Terz Amp Bundle Sale! November 25 2016

Bundle Deal: When you purchase an Organelle, get a Terz Amp for $100

You'll see the deal in both the Organelle or Terz Amp product pages.


Sale runs through Monday Nov 28 2016. While Supplies Last!

If you purchase the bundle and decide to return either (but not both) of the items, the refund amounts will be as follows: Organelle: $495; Terz: $100.


h Rando Demo! November 24 2016

Here's a video of the h Rando Organelle patch in action! 

Each key triggers one of four samples (maximum) in random sequence. Use the built-in sequencer to write a loop with constant variation! Connect h Rando to an external MIDI device for enhanced sequencing! Modify the pitch and decay of your samples, as well as filter mix and cutoff frequency, with the parameter knobs.

All of the samples may be replaced with your own.

If you attach a footswitch, you can layer four more loops on top of the original for more fun!

New Patch Friday: Countdown Timer November 18 2016

 We made this patch a while ago as a demonstration of an uncommon functionality.  Not many musical instruments double as an alarm clock!  With Thanksgiving next week, we thought this might come in handy in the kitchen, so we polished it up and posted it.  The idea is simple: set the time with 3 knobs (hours, minutes, and seconds)  and then press the Aux button to begin counting down.  When the timer runs out, the alarm bells sound! The fourth knob controls the volume of a tick tock sound, and they keys also play a simple synth tone for fun.

Although this patch may be more of a novelty than musically useful, it might come in handy under certain circumstances.  All of the sounds (the tick tock and alarm bells)  may be replaced with your own .wav files.  So you can really have any sound loop for a certain amount of time and then something else start sounding when the timer runs out, like when it is time to get on stage.  

Download Countdown Timer



New Patch Friday: Genny 1 November 11 2016

Genny 1 is a generative clouds-of-notes style patch.   It is not a completely generative patch,  it still requires you to hold down some notes, but it takes over from there, selecting the notes randomly and transposing them in different octaves.   We are also excited about the circular panners used in Genny 1 to move the notes around in space as they are playing.  Genny 1 can be used to create background landscape in your work or for peaceful meditations.  

Download here



New Patch Friday: Drummy November 04 2016

The last 3 sample playing patches we posted are fun, but Organelle is also a great synth!  This drum synthesizer takes a new approach to the Organelle keyboard: adjust each key's sound individually. 


Download Drummy 

Tune up a different drum sound on each key, and then record a sequence. Drummy lets you prepare a sound for each key. Tap on the keys to play, and to change a sound press and hold the key. The LED will become white and you are now in drum edit mode! Use the knobs to adjust the drum sound. There is also a secret function for copying a sound from one key to another: in drum edit mode hold one key down while pressing a second. The second key now sounds like the first and you can adjust from there, which is great for creating a few similar sounding keys. When you are done editing the sounds, press the Aux button to return to normal mode. Now the knobs control some overall effects: a modulation oscillator and reverb. In normal mode the Aux button functions as a sequencer: press and hold to record enable. 

We are excited about the way this turned out because the same idea could be applied to other types of percussion synths or samplers.  (Although not great for non-percussive sounds, because if you hold a key down you will enter edit mode.  This would not be ideal if you were playing, for example, an organ!)  If you are into editing patches for the Organelle, this one is a good starting point for any kind of prepared percussion patch:  swap in your synth voice and effects while retaining the overall functionality.  

New Patch: Beats and Pieces November 01 2016

Following our special Halloween patch Thery Scary we have a similar sample playback patch: Beats and Pieces.  They are both available from the patches page.  These patches are similar in that they both use the Aux button on the Organelle to play a sound file in the background.  While the sound is playing you can play other sounds on top of it using the keyboard.  In Thery Scary you control a Theremin sounding synthesizer, and in Beats and Pieces you play shorter sound samples.  All of these sounds are in the patch folder and may be replaced with your own.


There has been a lot of interest in using the Organelle to play back samples, and Beats and Pieces makes a good example of this facility.  In Pure Data (the programming environment used to create patches for the Organelle) there are two methods for playing sound files: streaming them from the disk, and loading them into memory (RAM).  Streaming from disk allows you to play files of arbitrary length; you are limited only by the available space on the USB drive.  Loading files into RAM allows for much more drastic playback manipulations in Pure Data, but there are limits to how long the sounds can be.  Beats and Pieces uses both methods: it streams the background sound from disk, and loads the key sounds into RAM.  So the background sound can be as long as you want,  but the sounds for each key should be shorter (up to around a minute should be fine)




New Patch Friday: Thery Scary Halloween Patch October 28 2016

This week we have a spooky sounds patch just in time for Halloween!  With Thery Scary you can play a Theremin style synth on the keys while a sound loop plays in the background.  Make adjustments to the background sound and synth using the knobs.  Pressing the Aux button adds some Vibrato for the classic Theremin sound.   Put some speakers on your porch, and sit inside on the couch playing spooky melodies for the neighborhood.

Download it here: Thery Scary.




Happy Halloween! Sounds by our new Thery Scary #Organelle patch!

A video posted by Critter & Guitari (@critterguitari) on

New Patch Friday: Randomizing Sample Player October 21 2016

Today we begin a new weekly schedule for releasing patches for the Organelle!   Every Friday we will post a new Organelle patch to add to the instrument's growing repertoire of musical possibility.  As the Organelle can function in so many different ways, there are many ideas we are eager to explore.   Now on to this week's patch:  h Rando.



h Rando is a randomizing sample player.   Each key on the Organelle plays 1 of 4 possible samples.  You can use the samples that come with the patch, or you can replace them with your own.  (this video shows how easy it is to add your own sounds to the Organelle's sample playing patches).  The effect of random samples will vary greatly depending on the samples you choose.  For example, you could choose 4 sounds that are the same except for slight changes in volume.  When you hit this key, you will hear the random volume fluctuations, giving a more human feel.  Or you can add very different sounds and create sequences that never sound the same way twice.

There are global controls for sample speed, decay, and filter on the knobs and the Aux button controls a sequencer.  If you have a footswitch handy,  you can use it to add up to 4 layers to the sequence!

The sounds that come with the patch are a lot of fun too, a carefully assembled set by Chris Powell (@powserati).


Low Frequencies from the Organelle October 13 2016

Many people have asked "How does the Organelle do with bass frequencies?" So we made a video of some patches that get low!

Use headphones or good speakers to hear the low end!

Critter & Guitari at Machines In Music October 10 2016

We had a great time at Machines In Music at the Knockdown Center in Queens, NY!

Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by our booth!

Rehearsing for Day 2 of @machinesinmusic. We're here till 5! It's free! #machinesinmusic

A video posted by Critter & Guitari (@critterguitari) on


Video Scope, Synths & Effects August 07 2016

Here's a video showing Critter & Guitari synths paired with some of our favorite pedals and then displayed through a Video Scope!


Synths featured in this video: Pocket Piano, Septavox and Bolsa Bass.

Pedals from Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Dwarfcraft, Moog and Boss.

Visualizing a Bolsa Bass & Organelle with the Black & White Video Scope July 23 2016

Flatscreen TVs are really fun to use as a visualizer/table!

We displayed the audio from a Bolsa Bass and Organelle with a Black & White Video Scope!