New Kaleidoloop!

February 29, 2024

Our recorder/looper with mic input, 3W output speaker, and battery power for portability is back with the following newness:

  • Now has six playback modes. It ships with three speed manipulation modes and three effects.
  • Playback / effect modes are customizable! Modes are coded in Pure Data. Users can create their own modes or upload modes shared with the community.
  • Looping continues during recording so you can build up layers of sound with just one Kaleidoloop.
  • Smaller form factor: just as fun, just as loud - but more portable.
  • USB-C Power

The new Kaleidoloop is perfect for all kinds of recording situations, exploration, and experimentation. Use it in the studio or on the go with battery power!

More information:

This animation from the original Kaleidoloop doesn’t show the new features such as different playback modes, additional controls, or the ability to re-record the playback, but the spirit is the same!