Topaz 1 + Compac 2 for 201

June 15, 2024

Topaz 1 + Compac 2 is a synth mode for the 201 Pocket Piano. It features voices from two vintage synths: the Topaz 1 bayan from Formanta and the Compac 2 from Univox.

The knobs control the following:

  • Knob 1: Envelope. The knob is split in half: left side is without attack, right side is with attack.
  • Knob 2: Synth Voice. Select from 12 knob positions.  Select 6 tones without vibrato (left side), and the same 6 tones with vibrato.
  • Knob 3: Playback Speed. Sets overall speed - used in tandem with transpose keys.

Polyphony: 7 voices.

Download it here:

Here's a very brief Topaz 1 + Compac 2 demo that shows a looping sequence with envelope adjustment and voice selection during loop: