ETC on VHS at Synthplex

April 17, 2019

We went to Synthplex in Burbank, CA in March and we brought a cool setup with us:

Some Organelles → ETC Video Synthesizer → VCR

The result? This video...

We like collaborating with friends. At Synthplex it was fun to invite booth visitors to make sounds and visuals, all recorded on a VHS tape. We sent audio from the Organelle directly to the ETC and the VCR's audio in. To capture the video, we sent the ETC's HDMI output through a KanexPro HDMI to Composite converter and into the VCR's video input. The ETC looks great when processed this way. VHS adds some happy noise, saturation, and other textures and detritus to the ETC's signal. Try it out for yourself with your friends!

We also brought some new ETC modes with us to Synthplex too, all of which we’ll be releasing this spring. Check it out: