OS 4.0 for Organelle

February 22, 2020

We are happy to announce a new OS version available for both the Organelle M and the original Organelle 1.

Organelle OS 4.0 adds many features and updates. It is also the first OS update since the release of the Organelle M, and it brings many of the features in the M to the older Organelle 1.

Features and Improvements:

  • Improved MIDI performance from the 1/8" jacks.
  • Fixed bug in MIDI setup that caused MIDI clock problems in patches.
  • Improved VU meter with peak indication. The last bar is now a peak indication that will stay lit for half a second whenever the audio peaks out of range.
  • Improved input VU metering.
  • Added VNC support. This used to be a separate patch (thanks to @thetechnobear for making this available), and now it is part of the OS. Under the WiFi menu you can start a VNC server and then patch the Organelle from a remote computer.
  • Added Access Point configuration options. You can now use a custom name and password for when the Organelle operates in AP mode.
  • Added a OLED graphics message for full frame. Developers making graphic patches can now send entire frames to the OLED screen.
  • Updated Pd to version .49 on the Organelle 1. Now both Organelles are running the same version of Pd.
  • Includes the latest set of factory patches.
  • Numerous small tweaks and fixes.

The OS update is available as a 'disk image' that must be burned onto the SD card. There are instructions for doing this in Chapter 7 of the manual:

Be sure to backup anything on your SD card that you want to keep as this process will wipe the card clean.