Fresh ETC modes! New ideas! New!

April 11, 2019

What’s going on in the ETC patch storage page, you ask? This month we put together a whole bunch of new ETC modes that we’ll be releasing once-a-week. These modes focus on animation and new approaches to color (with a few silly things thrown in for flair.) We’re especially excited about “S - Gradient” modes developed with some ideas borrowed from Zach Lieberman’s “Poetic Computation” talk.

These modes use time and some sine/cosine math to draw detailed forms composed of color-shifting circles. Instead of assigning one of the ETC's knobs as a 'color picker,' we made the color knob into a gradient selector. When you select a gradient setting, the colors fade gradually. Put this together with a function that changes the size of an object over time and you get a fully-animated mode that morphs on its own. This makes for modes with crazy detail, infinite colors, and weird personality. Plus they're great with or without sound!

Keep your eyes peeled for more new modes over the next few weeks. The five modes below are already released (not to mention some other excellent recursive feedback modes we made a couple of months ago but kept quiet about…) Check it out:

S - AA Selector

This mode uses the knobs as selector switches as well as built-in animation. Built around anti-aliased lines this scope draws arcs that transform according to incoming audio. Choose between 5 arc arrangements with one selector knob. Also, we implemented a new way of assigning color with sine waves that shift the individual RGB channels through different gradients. Pick a gradient range with the color selector knob and watch the shapes transform!

knob1 = "number of arc layers"
knob2 = "arc layer offset"
knob3 = "arc shape select"
knob4 = "color range fade select"

S - Gradient Helix

Introducing sine-controlled animation! Here, a swaying helical column composed of circles changes shape and color over time. You can adjust how the helix morphs/fades, as well as its position and sway along the x-axis. Switch between different gradient ranges that will fade over time. This mode looks great without any incoming audio (though it responds to sound too!)

knob1 = “X position”
knob2 = “X-sway range“
knob3 = “Helix shape“
knob4 = “Gradient selector”

S - Gradient Cloud

Move a pulsating cloud of circles around the screen and watch as its shape and color scheme morph over time. Colors shift through a selectable range. Looks cool with or without incoming audio.

knob1 = “X position”
knob2 = “X-sway range“
knob3 = “Cloud pattern and swell“
knob4 = “Gradient selector”

S - Gradient Column

OOOHhhh, a pulsating column of circles and gradually fading color gradient! The column can be stretched to fill the screen vertically as its component circles change shape and color over time. The sine-based animation can be manipulated to make different patterns and cycle through five color gradient ranges. Looks cool with or without incoming audio.

knob1 = “Column height”
knob2 = “Column width“
knob3 = “Circle radius and column shape“
knob4 = “Gradient selector”

S - Gradient Friend

Your friend is a blob made out of circles. Gradient Friend bobs and sways as it shifts colors across five selectable gradient ranges. Change Gradient Friend’s shape and position as it jiggles in response to incoming audio. Looks cool with or without incoming audio.

knob1 = “X position”
knob2 = “Y position“
knob3 = “Figure height“
knob4 = “Gradient selector”