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June 11, 2022
June 11, 2022
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Side-chain compressor patch with two channel inputs.

Side-Chain Patch is a compressor that uses the Organelle's stereo input as two individual channel inputs. Set one channel to the Main source and the other channel as the Control source. The Main channel will be heard until the Control channel passes the threshold. Use the aux menu to swap Main and Control and hear the inverse effect. Use the graphic display on the Organelle screen to dial in the perfect settings and monitor incoming sound. Use the envelope controls to help adjust to the sweet spot. If you want to side-chain a sound to itself, set both Main and Control to the same channel.

A typical use case would be:
1. Connect two instruments to the Organelle's stereo input with a Y splitter cable, mixer or interface.
2. Play sound on both inputs. Perhaps the Main channel plays a sustained sound and the Control channel plays a short, recurring sound.
3. View audio levels on Page 1 and adjust compression settings.
4. Revisit the above steps in any order as needed.

To do step 3 above you will need to use the ‘Aux Menu’. The Aux Button controls the ‘Aux Menu’. When you press Aux for 0.2 seconds, a new menu is displayed on OLED Screen for as long as you hold Aux. To select an Aux Menu command/Page, use the Top Row of Organelle keys. There are 10 possible commands selected by the 10 keys. The low C# key selects Top Left command. The High A# key selects the Bottom Right command. The Command Grid is to be read from top left to bottom, then top right to bottom.

Aux Menu Controls:
Left Column:
1. Main input select (L/R)
2. Control input select(L/R)
3. Delay channel assign (L/R)
4. Delay time (sync/free)
5. Mute Control channel (on/off)

Right Column:
6. Mix page
7. Delay page
8. Tempo page

If you only wish to hear the Main channel, select MuteCl (Mute Control) in the Aux menu. The graphic display will reflect this change with a big X.

For additional fun, flip over to this patch's second page for some Delay. Use the aux menu to select which input channel is routed to the delay. If the Organelle is receiving MIDI clock signal, use the aux menu to set the delay to "Sync." When this is enabled the delay times are variable rhythmic subdivisions. Otherwise, the delay time is set in milliseconds.

Mixer Page:

Knob1: Sets compressor attack time
Knob2: Sets compressor release time
Knob3: Sets Mix amount
Knob4: Sets Control input threshold. Note the '>' and '<' on either side of the Control meter. These denote the threshold. Audio below the threshold is muted.

Delay Page:

If Free Delay is set:
Knob1: Sets delay volume
Knob2: Sets delay feedback
Knob3: Sets delay time
Knob4: n/a

If Sync Delay is set:
Knob1: Sets delay volume
Knob2: Sets delay feedback
Knob3: Sets delay note type
Knob4: Sets delay amount for selected note type
Tempo is displayed on line 5

Tempo Page:
Knob1: Sets Tempo
Knob2: Sets fine tempo adjustment (0.1-0.9 BPM)



Foot Switch: N/A

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