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June 23, 2018
November 28, 2018
- Preview

Deconstruct recordings and reassemble into new orders. Recordings get sliced up into 24 equal segments. Each Organelle key plays a segment in a loop. Sequence and latch segments. 

Segmenti records a sample, slices it up into 24 segments of equal length, and assigns a segment to its respective Organelle key (1-24). Segments loop when you play their key. Latch multiple segments or recombobulate a recording with the sequencer.

There are two page screens. The first screen, Sample View, is for recording and using the waveform to select which part of the sample you want to use. Knob1 sets global start point. Knob2 sets overall length. Knob3 controls envelope. Knob4 is segment playback speed and direction. Aux button enables/stops recording (24 seconds max record time (1 sec/key). Once enabled, recording starts automatically once audio level crosses threshold.

Parameter Display is the second screen and is for playback control. Latch and sequence segments with Aux. On this screen, Knob1 sets global start point and Knob2 sets overall length as well. Knob3 controls envelope. Knob4 is segment playback speed and direction. 

Use 'Save' command in the OS menu to save a recording for future use.

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