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Rhythm Delay Distortion

December 4, 2016
November 28, 2018
Rhythm Delay Distortion
- Preview

Send the Organelle a sound and effect it with polyrhythmically sequenced bursts of delay and distortion.

Rhythm Dly-Dist Vis now has a dry/wet mix control and a new onscreen keyboard to aid with building up loops.

The patch is based on Pow Pow’s Polybeats, but instead of playing samples, the rhythmic pattern you set up on the keys is used to route the audio input through delay lines and distortions.

Each Organelle key places an effect in a looping sequence. The effect repeats at an adjustable number of sixteenth notes. The lower octave of the keyboard controls delay time. The upper octave controls distortion. The ‘C’ key in each octave control the shortest effect durations. As you move up the octave, the effect durations get longer, max-ing out at the ‘B’ key. Placing different effects/durations repeating at various intervals leads to intricate polyrhythms and endless fun!

Knob1: Tempo
Knob2: Looping Interval
Knob3: Effect Depth/Amount
Knob4: Dry / Wet Mix
Aux: Stop/Start Pattern. Long Press deletes Pattern

Link enabled for syncing with other devices on a shared wireless network.

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