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Prairie Loops

September 12, 2021
September 14, 2021
Prairie Loops
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4-track recorder-looper. Record audio to sample bank, select samples to be looped, set playback speed, direction, and volume for each track. Bounce loops to a new sample & reload it.

What Is This Patch? 

Endlessly add, subtract, arrange, and discombobulate sound with this four-track looper. After recording, load the new sample onto any/all of the tracks. Set a track's speed, direction, and volume. Change samples on the fly. Add older samples back in at any time.

The most powerful aspect of the patch is the 'bounce down and reload' which is a way to evolve and layer sounds. Bounce current sounds into a new sample and add this new sample back into the mix. Then change things up and bounce down again, and so on and so on until you're miles away from where you started!

How Do I Use This Patch?
A typical use case would be:
1. Record a sample to the sample bank.
2. Add sample to one of the four loopers
3. Set loop volume, playback speed & direction. Toggle loops on/off.
4. Repeat the above steps in any order as needed to fill the four loops.
5. Replace samples in loopers with a new one from the sample bank.
6. Play 'on top' of your loops using the monitor function.
7. Bounce down your current loops to a new track. Add this new sample to a looper and build layers!

To do any of the steps above you will need to use the ‘Aux Menu’. The Aux Button controls the ‘Aux Menu’. When you press Aux for 0.2 seconds, a new menu is displayed on OLED Screen for as long as you hold Aux. To select an Aux Menu command/Page, use the Top Row of Organelle keys. There are 10 possible commands selected by the 10 keys. The low C# key selects Top Left command. The High A# key selects the Bottom Right command. The Command Grid is to be read from top left to bottom, then top right to bottom.

The following commands are available on the Aux Menu's Left Column:

Rcrd: Selecting this command starts recording a new sample to the sample bank. Press Aux
to end recording. Alternatively, this command is toggled on/off with a foot switch.

Bounce: Selecting this command starts a new 'mix down' recording of all loops currently playing plus any audio coming in through the Audio In jack. You must select this command again to end the bounce recording. Recordings made with this command are added to the sample bank and can be added to a looper just as a 'regular' recording can be.

Monitr: Toggles Audio 'thru' on/off.

The following pages are available on the Aux Menu's Right Column:

Loop: On this page, Knobs1-4 select audio samples from the sample bank to be played by one of the four loopers.

Speed: On this page, Knobs1-4 set the playback speed and direction for the loops

Vol: On this page, Knobs1-4 set the volume of the loops.

The Bottom Row of keys do not apply to the Aux Menu of this patch.


When the Aux Menu is not visible, the some of the keys act as transport controls:

Low C#: Global Start (restart) for all four loops.
Low D#: Global Stop for all four loops.

Low C: Loop 1 Start (restart if already playing.)
Low D: Loop 2 Start (restart if already playing.)
Low E: Loop 3 Start (restart if already playing.)
Low F: Loop 4 Start (restart if already playing.)

High C: Loop 1 Stop
High D: Loop 2 Stop
High E: Loop 3 Stop
High F: Loop 4 Stop


If you like a setting, don’t forget to ‘Save’ in the Storage menu.

Recordings are written to/read from disk (not RAM) so the maximum length is determined by the size of the available space of your SD card/USB Drive.  

Foot Switch: Starts / Stops new sample recording.

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