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Pink Mode

December 19, 2019
March 31, 2021
Pink Mode
- Preview

A synthesizer with a 16-step sequencer. Enter notes one step at a time or in 'live' mode. Play on top of your sequence too.

Pink Mode is synthesizer with a 16-step sequencer. Fill as many steps with notes as you want. When added to sequence, the MIDI note number is displayed in the step location.

There is only one page (screen) for this patch. A 2 x 8 grid is displayed representing the 16 steps. The top left step is Step 1. The bottom right step is step 16. Current step is listed at bottom left. BPM is listed at bottom right.

The keyboard plays notes. Aux button starts and stops the sequencer playhead. The playhead is shown as a circle. The sequence always starts from step 1. A long press will delete all notes from current sequence.  

Use Knob1 to select step or mode. Most of Knob1's sweep selects individual steps (aka 'Step' mode). The Step cursor is square.  Turning Knob1 past step 16 will allow selection of two additional modes. The first is 'Live' mode where the playhead (circle) and step cursor (square) are synced. In Live mode, notes are entered wherever playhead is. The other mode is 'Jam on Top.' In this mode, played notes do not change the sequence. The Aux button starts/stops playback.

Knob2 sets velocity of the next note you press.

Knob3 controls tuning.

Knob4 controls tempo. This is disabled if external MIDI clock is present.

Adding or deleting individual notes to sequence:
When you get to a desired spot in the sequence either through Step or Live modes, play a note on the keyboard (or send MIDI note). Whichever key is pressed last on a given step will be added to sequence and the MIDI note number will be displayed in that step. Notes with three digit MIDI note numbers will have the leading '1' removed so as to remain a two digit number. A long-press by any key at any step will clear that step. A long Aux press will clear the whole sequence.

If you like a sequence, don’t forget to ‘Save’ in the Storage menu.

Link enabled for syncing with other devices on a shared wireless network.

MIDI Start and Stop commands will start sequencers. Notes played on the keyboard and played from sequence will be sent out as MIDI notes.

Fun Idea:
Send a MIDI sequence from an external device and then drive around the sequence. The steps will fill up with in a random/fun/cool way.

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