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Partial Party

December 21, 2017
August 17, 2018
Partial Party
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Transform incoming sounds into a synth voice by selecting and amplifying specific frequencies of the incoming signal. Transpose the voice and mix it with the original.

Track the pitch of the input sound and synthesize a new sound from it. Knob2 selects a pattern of 12 available partials (the root frequency + 11 partials above it) to use in the synthesis. A '1' is a partial that is used. A '0' is not used. A '2' is a partial that is used and is louder than a '1'. The keys or incoming Midi notes also control transposition so you can play a little melody!  Partial Party 

Knob1: Tuning

Knob2: Partial On/Off/Amplification Pattern

Knob3: Synth Voice Wave Select

Knob4: Dry/Wet Mix

Aux and Foot Switch: Turns Synth Voice Off

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