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Loop Jam Rec

May 11, 2018
August 17, 2018
Loop Jam Rec
- Preview

Record custom samples and create full compositions with them on the fly with this live-sampling and looping patch.

There are three modes: Record, Jam, and Loop.

In ‘Record’ mode, you can record a new sample to any key. Hold the ‘Aux’ button, select a key, and record. Recording starts when your sound begins.  Press ‘Aux’ again to stop recording. Recording stops automatically after 2 seconds. 

In ‘Jam’ mode, play a key to trigger a sample. Adjust global playback speed, global sample out point, and reverb with the knobs. Jam mode features a sequencer: Hold ‘Aux’ to record a sequence, punch it in, and hit ‘Aux’ again to stop recording. Tap ‘Aux’ to start or stop playback. 

In ‘Loop’ mode, each key toggles looping playback of your samples. Adjust global playback speed, global sample out point and reverb with the knobs. Use the ‘Aux’ button to write sequences in ‘Loop’ mode too! Access your sequence in either ‘Jam’ or ‘Loop’ mode.

Knob1: Playback Speed

Knob2: Mode Selector: Rec / Jam / Loop

Knob3: Reverb Amount

Knob4: Sample Length

Aux and Foot Switch: In Rec mode: Record enable & stop. In Jam/Loop modes: Sequencer control

To save your samples, use the 'Save' or 'Save New' command in Storage menu.

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