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July 9, 2021
September 14, 2021
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Recorder/looper with instantaneous playback, speed and direction controls. Mix in older samples while recording new ones!

K-LoopOver differs from the K-Loop patch in that the currently looping sample can be mixed in with a new recording!

It’s a recorder/looper with instantaneous playback, speed and direction controls. Based on our Kaleidoloop™ instrument, this patch is a fun, free-spirited sampler.

The Aux button and/or foot switch begins and ends recordings. When current recording ends, the patch will start looping the recording at the playback speed and direction set by the knobs. Starting a new recording will stop the current loop.

There are two speed modes: Continuous & Stepped. Both settings have a playback speed range of -300% to +300%, but the Stepped mode quantizes the playback speed to certain pitches. For added variability playback speed has an LFO with rate and depth parameters for a warble effect.

Recordings are saved to a folder of samples and can be accessed at any time. To change the currently playing sample, use the keyboard. The upper two keys cycle through the folder one track at a time (forwards or backwards through the list) and the lower 21 keyboard keys select the most recent 21 recordings. The 22nd key toggles sample playback on/off.

Record a new audio recording with the mic or line input
Set the playback speed
Record new audio recording with currently looping sample to build up layers.
Change tracks by pressing the keys.
Revisit the above steps in any order as needed.

Knob1: Speed: Sets playback speed from -300% to +300%.
Knob2: Speed Mode: Sets playback speed mode. The options are: Continuous (blue LED) & Stepped (green LED).
Knob3: Mix Amount. Controls how loud the currently looping sample is in the new recording.
Knob4: Monitor. Sets monitor volume of incoming audio. Does not affect the recording volume.

Monophonic sample payback
Foot Switch: Starts & Stops recordings.
Recording time is limited to the size of your storage disk (SD card or USB drive)

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