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July 8, 2021
September 14, 2021
- Preview

Recorder/looper with instantaneous playback, speed and direction controls.

Based on our Kaleidoloop™ instrument, this patch is a fun, free-spirited sampler. The Aux button and/or foot switch begins and ends recordings. When current recording ends, the patch will start looping the recording at the playback speed and direction set by the knobs. Starting a new recording will stop the current loop.

There are two speed modes: Continuous & Stepped. Both settings have a playback speed range of -300% to +300%, but the Stepped mode quantizes the playback speed to certain pitches. For added variability playback speed has an LFO with rate and depth parameters for a warble effect.

Recordings are saved to a folder of samples and can be accessed at any time. To change the currently playing sample, use the keyboard. The upper two keys cycle through the folder one track at a time (forwards or backwards through the list) and the rest of the keyboard keys select the most recent 22 recordings.

Typical Use Case:
1. Record a new audio recording with the mic or line input
2. Set the playback speed
3. Add warble by adjusting LFO rate & speed
4. Change tracks by pressing the keys.
5. Revisit the above steps in any order as needed.

Knob1: Speed: Sets playback speed from -300% to +300%.
Knob2: Speed Mode: Sets playback speed mode. The options are: Continuous (blue LED) & Stepped (green LED).
Knob3: LFO Rate. Sets playback speed LFO rate from 0-20Hz.
Knob4: LFO Depth. Sets playback speed LFO depth from: 0-100%.

Tech Specs:
Monophonic sample payback
Foot Switch: Starts & Stops recordings.

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