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I Take Up

November 25, 2016
October 12, 2018
I Take Up
- Preview

A sampler/looper where each key stores a loop. Loops consist of one or many recordings. New recordings get added to the end of the loop. 

Loops get strange and fun very fast!

Add sound at the end of a loop with I Take Up.  

Use Case: Connect audio input. Use Knob1 to monitor input. Select a key to record to. Press and hold the Aux button (or foot switch) to record; releasing Aux/FS will stop recording. Repeat to add new recording to the end of the loop. Adjust the playback speed and direction with Knob4.  Knob3 controls how much of the playing loop is mixed into the new recording - this is when it really gets fun. Press a currently looping key to stop it. A long press on a key will delete the loop.

Knob1: Input Monitor

Knob2: Output Volume

Knob3: Recycle Amount - how much of current loop will get re-recorded at end of loop.w

Knob4: Sample Speed and Direction

Aux and Foot Switch: Record

To save your samples for future use, use the 'Save' or 'Save New' command in Storage menu.

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