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Granular Freezer

April 20, 2016
March 12, 2020
Granular Freezer
- Preview

Incoming sound is turned into a cloud of small grains that can be played with the keyboard.

Control the size and density of the cloud (Knobs1-3) and transpose the notes using the keyboard. Freeze the cloud by pressing the Aux button or foot switch. Control the pitch of the frozen cloud with the keyboard and use Knob4 to control the mix of the granulated and incoming sound.

Knob1: Grain Size

Knob2: Spread (a way of saying how long a grain's 'lifetime' is when cloud is not frozen)

Knob3: Grain Cloud Density

Knob4: Wet/Dry Mix

Aux and Foot Switch: Freeze/Unfreeze grain cloud.

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