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October 24, 2018
March 15, 2019
- Preview

You're gonna want to use FX-13 for its 13 classic effects and 24 possible presets! Quickly select effect, change effects settings, and jump to presets.

A multi-effects patch with 24 presets (one per key). It is all about quickly selecting an effect, changing the effect settings, saving a new preset and then jumping to other presets. Perhaps designed for those with ADD and those who enjoy exploring new takes on their sound.

If you press and hold ‘Aux’ button and then press Key 1, you will enter Mono mode which sends a mono signal (Tip-Sleeve) out both left and right outputs.

If you press and hold ‘Aux’ button and then press Key 2, you will enter Stereo mode which sends the signals out their respective left and right outputs.

Knob1 chooses effect: reverb, delay, spectral delay, pitch shifter, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrusher, tremolo, LFO filter, panner, and two distortions. The other three knobs control effect parameters. Once you like your choices, save it as a preset by pressing the Aux/foot switch.

Knob1: Effect Select
Knob2: Depends on Effect (Knob1)
Knob3: Depends on Effect (Knob1)
Knob4: Depends on Effect (Knob1)
Aux: Stores preset on selected key. Foot Switch: Toggles Signal Bipass/Effect On

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