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January 31, 2018
November 9, 2018
- Preview

FunFX is a sound effects patch for the Organelle. Sequence various sound fx: bouncing balls, rocket launchers, creaky doors, thunder. It's a fun way to make strange loops!

Utilizes examples from Andy Farnell's Designing Sound book. Each key has a preassigned sound effect. To edit the parameters of a sound, use Knob 1 to select the numbered key you want to change which is inside brackets: [ ]. Then use Knobs 2-4 to adjust the available parameters of the sound. Press the key to preview changes. The Aux button controls the sequencer.

Knob1: Selects Sound Effect (preassigned to [key #])

Knob2: Parameter of Sound Effect (if available)

Knob3: Parameter of Sound Effect (if available)

Knob4: Parameter of Sound Effect (if available)

Aux and Foot Switch: Sequencer Control

To save your settings, use the 'Save' or 'Save New' command in Storage menu.

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