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Freeze Patch

July 23, 2022
October 7, 2022
Freeze Patch
- Preview

Connect an audio input source and infinitely loop short audio samples (aka ‘freeze’) manually or automatically. Use four different modes to freeze sound.

Connect a sound source or use the internal microphone. Connect a foot switch. Select a mode and play sounds with your external instrument. While sound is playing press foot switch or Aux button to freeze sound. Continue playing sound, then freeze a new sound. Play along with frozen sounds.

There is one ‘page’ for this patch. Knob parameters will change depending on the mode, which is set by Knob1.

Knob functions:

Knob1 – Selects the Mode: Latch, Envelope, Auto Envelope, or Auto Latch.
Knob2 – N/A for Latch / Attack Time (Envelope, AutoEnv) / Threshold Peak (AutoLatch)
Knob3 – N/A for Latch / Release Time (Envelope, AutoEnv) / Threshold Low (AutoLatch)
Knob4 – Dry/Wet

Keyboard keys – Transpose latched sound chromatically

If you like a setting, don’t forget to ‘Save’ in the Storage menu.


Foot switch function available.

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