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Euclidean Rhythms

April 23, 2018
August 17, 2018
Drum Machine
Euclidean Rhythms
- Preview

Looping 16-step Euclidean Rhythm machine with an 8-voice sample player.

A Euclidean Rhythm is an even division of beats within a measure, or as close to even as possible. This is a simple but powerful musical idea, especially when there are many ‘voices’ playing a rhythm. 

Keys play samples. View the rhythm graphically or through the text-based parameter display. Send the rhythm out as MIDI notes and/or control it with an external MIDI device. It is Ableton Link enabled for wireless tempo sync (WiFi adapter needed). Replace the samples to customize the patch sound! 

Knob1: Tempo Control

Knob2: Sets the density of the rhythm from 1-16 beats (AKA sample triggers). 

Knob3: Shifts the rhythm relative to the measure's start. 

Knob4 controls the samples' decay. 

Aux and Foot Swtich: Controls latch and sequencer. 

This patch builds on the work of Godfried Toussaint, Stutter, and, of course, Euclid. For more information, please visit: & 

Special thanks to Ela Minus for the drum samples used here!

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