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February 16, 2018
August 17, 2018
- Preview

EnvelopeFX is a multi-effect patch that uses incoming audio's volume envelope to control effects! Automate the effect and its parameters!

Connect an audio input source and let the sound control your chosen effect. Knob 1 selects the effect. Knobs 2-4 are effect parameters. 

Automate effect parameters and store up to 24 automations (one for each keyboard key). Press and hold a key to record enable the automation. Turning a knob will start recording. Adjust all four knobs if you'd like. Press the same key to end recording and start looping your adjustments. You can also sequence the automations with the Aux button/Footswitch. A long press will record enable. Pressing an automation key will start recording. Press the Aux/FS again to stop recording and start the sequence playback. Things can get crazy pretty quickly!

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