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CA Filter

June 18, 2018
August 17, 2018
Cellular Automata
CA Filter
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CA Filter is a 15-band filter controlled by a generative algorithm called Elementary Cellular Automata.

Send the patch an audio signal and as the Elementary Cellular Automata (CA) generates, the 15 audio bands are individually turned on or off, dynamically filtering your sound. The CA has 256 ‘rules’ that create graphic patterns which are shown on the Organelle screen. 15 boxes along the X-axis represent the 15 frequency bands (left to right = low to high frequencies). Active audio bands are shown using white boxes; inactive bands are black. 

The CA generates along the y-axis from top to bottom and have a selectable loop length (number of generations before starting over). If the CA is generating, the keys are disabled. If the CA is paused, the first 15 keys toggle the frequency bands on/off. 

The patch is Link enabled so the CA generation will sync/share tempo with use of compliant WiFi adapter. 

Please check out this page to learn more about the wide world of Elementary Cellular Automata:

Knob1: Tempo

Knob2: CA Rule Selection

Knob3: CA Loop Length

Knob4: Dry/Wet Mix

Aux and Foot Switch: Starts/Stops CA Generation

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