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CA Additive

August 23, 2018
October 4, 2018
Cellular Automata
CA Additive
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The very graphic Elementary Cellular Automata generative algorithm individually controls 15 partials of an additive synthesizer. Create looping and evolving synth voices.

Elementary Cellular Automata (CA) is a generative algorithm with 255* ‘rules’ that create graphic patterns. These patterns are shown on the Organelle's OLED screen as white or black boxes. A row represents a single generation. The columns represent 15 audio partials. Partials are individually turned on or off each generation. Active partials are shown using white boxes; inactive ones are black. The CA generates along the y-axis from top to bottom and have a selectable loop length (number of generations before starting over) and tempo (generation speed). Select from 13 waveforms.

The patch is Link enabled so the CA generation will sync/share tempo with use of compliant WiFi adapter. 

Knob1: Tempo

Knob2: CA Rule Selection

Knob3: CA Loop Length

Knob4: Synth Waveform

Aux: Latch/Sequencer Control

Foot Switch: Stops CA Generation

* Really there are 256 rules but the first rule doesn't generate a useful control the way we implemented CA in this patch. We decided to ignore that rule: Sorry Rule 0! Please check out this page to learn more about the wide world of Elementary Cellular Automata:

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