Synced Multitrack Loopers!

January 24, 2022

The Organelle has two new multitrack loopers with a focus on keeping tracks synced up, even with tracks of different lengths!

Of the two, Locked Loops is the more traditional 4-track looper. Tracks can be different lengths. There are controls for global/individual track start/stop, individual track volume, two record modes, metronome, input monitor, track bounce (stem creation) and mix down. More information and download here!

Locked Loops Overview: 

Locked Loops tutorial: 

Breno is a 4-track looper that’s almost a game and great for musical experiments. The magic happens with the patch's serial and parallel record modes, serial and parallel playback modes, and variable track lengths! It lends itself to exploring what you can do with four tracks of sound before your recording ends!

More information and download!

Breno Overview

Breno Tutorial:

Note: we made another 4-track recorder-looper called Prairie Loops. It's similar to Locked Loops and Breno, but lacks the tempo sync feature.
Record and set sample, playback speed, direction, and volume for each track. Bounce loops to a new sample & reload it for endless evolution!

More information and Download the patch here: Prairie Loops


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