Probabilistic Layered Arpeggios

January 3, 2019

The Arp-II and Arp-III patches use probability to control whether or not an arpeggiated note plays. This helps keep your arpeggios dynamic, even if you haven't changed any notes!

Arp-II has two independent arpeggiators that feed notes into a multi-synth. Choose one of nine synth voices from the multi-synth and let the ocean of arpeggiated notes lap onto your beach and/or capsize your boat!

Arp-III has three independent arpeggiators that are fed into a subtractive synth. While not as 'synth-y' as Arp-II, the additional arpeggiator makes up the difference!

Download them here. Both patches are Link enabled for tempo syncing with other devices on a shared wireless network. (WiFi adapter required; sold separately.)

Special thanks to Chris Powell for his contributions to these patches!