'Zone' Organelle Patch

August 17, 2018

We just released a new Organelle patch called Zone! It's a polyphonic wavetable synth blends that blends waveforms for unique timbres. Four waveforms are drawn in a quadrant on screen. A cursor indicates where in the quadrant the blend position is. (If it is in the center, you will hear all four waveforms. If it is in an outer corner of the quadrant, you will only hear that waveform, and so on...)

Control X & Y position of cursor and automate it with an LFO! A short press on the Aux button/Footswitch selects the next of seven waveform groups. Long press the Aux Button/Footswitch to toggle Latch On/Off.A movable cursor shows which waveform is selected.

Originally Posted February 10 2018