WiFi Features in OS 3.1

January 3, 2019

There's much you can do with the Organelle's WiFi-enabled functions! This Organelle OS 3.1 feature tutorial demonstrates the Organelle's WiFi-enabled functions to:
1. Wirelessly sync tempo with Link-enabled instruments (depends on patch!º) and
2. Manage patches and sound files with your computer's web browser

You will first need a USB-WiFi adapter. The adapter will allow your Organelle to join existing WiFi networks as well as create its own WiFi Access Point. The Access Point is a local network that the Organelle creates so that other devices can join it. The syncing and file management functions work with both methods! Happy Networking!

* Please make sure your WiFi dongle uses the Ralink 5370 chipset!!

º A patch must have a tempo (BPM) component and also have the necessary files to implement the Link protocol. All C&G patches that use a BPM clock implement the Link protocol!