Spooky Gardener

October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! We've got two treats for you: Constant Gardener Organelle Patch & ETC modes!

Constant Gardener is a real-time pitch shifting patch for the Organelle. With the effect running, you can control the pitch and playback speed of incoming audio LIVE! There are also controls for Dry/Wet mix and Reverb. Special Spooky Tip: turn down the speed to about 10%, set the mix to 100% Wet, and crank the reverb. That should get the Halloween going nicely.

Meanwhile, for the ETC we put a fresh batch of image-based modes on Patch Storage, all using an LFO to animate different aspects of the graphics. There are two Scope modes and two Trigger modes, loaded up with some nice spooky images (which you can swap out of course):

S - Circle S + Img LFO: Two LFOs to resize an image and circle as they drift around the points of a circular oscilloscope.

S - Classic H + Image LFO: An LFO animates the y-axis position of a horizontal oscilloscope. Each point on the scope displays the image you load into the image folder, plus a circle graphic.

T - Image + Circle LFO: Trigger events cycle through four images while LFO rate controls how quickly the images scale up and scale down in size. Try it with the Autoclear toggled off.

T - Img Spin Grid LFO: LFO controls the spin speed of four images in a grid.