Pocket Piano Returns: Introducing the 201!

June 13, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the updated Pocket Piano synth: the 201 !

The 201 is the result of the best aspects of the Pocket Piano taken to the next level!

Like the Pocket Piano, the 201 has battery power, a built-in speaker, and the classic wooden keys. But the 201's sound engine is much improved and has chiptune style waveforms, analog style filters, drum samples, realistic physical instrument models, and even a human vocal synthesizer. It's got a bit of everything to be versitle for your music! 

The knobs have straightforward functions with a wide range so you can dial up your sound quickly, easily and predictably! To top it off, the 201's sequencer can record and recall thousands of your creations.

In short, the 201 is the true successor to the Pocket Piano - you will love the wide array of sounds, its portabilty, and intuitive interface!

Order your 201 today: kickstarter.com/projects/critterandguitari/201-musical-synthesizer