More ETC LFO-Animated Modes

April 17, 2019

Lately we've been excited about making dynamic ETC modes that are animated using built-in LFOs. This gives them an extra layer of movement beyond how they react to incoming audio. These modes can make cool images even without audio input! Here are three new LFO modes we made last week:

S - Bouncing Bars LFO

•Pong-like floating scope is here. Two bars registering audio amplitude drift around the screen, controlled in both axes by independent LFOs.

S - Perspective Lines LFO

•Searchlights! Two LFOs independently control the position of the single vanishing point connected to each point of a horizontal oscilloscope. It’s like the Perspective Lines mode, but there’s always something happening.

S - Breezy Feather

•Picture wind gently ruffling a feather… Here’s a scope composed from a row of triangles; the number of triangles and the vertical position of the row are independently controlled by LFOs. Adjust slant to change the “strength of the wind”. (My favorite...)

Visit Patch Storage for new ETC modes, including the last batch of LFO modes.