MaySun Music & ETC

August 17, 2018

Etienne Mason AKA MaySun, has been on fire! He posts a new video of improvised music daily. Each is a solid lesson in arrangement, improvisation, and great use of the ETC! Here are some of our favorites!

In Night Improv 035 Etienne plays a wobbly bass sound with his left foot and adds calm, suspended chords with the left hand. His right side is focused on keeping the ingredients choppy, especially with the magic he makes with his cymbals. How could one miss the ETC lighting the background with the S - Grid Random Polygons - Filled mode.


Night Improv 080 is a bassy ballad with shakers and cymbals resting on the drums, extra juicifying the percussive sounds. Catch his use of the ETC in the backdrop, using the S - Sound Jaws Trails mode.

Night Improv 024 opens up with a simple beat and chords, but quickly moves to its guitar solo vibe. Extra energy brought to you by the ETC set to the S - Bits Vertical mode. Watch the blue bits bounce while the kick drums pick up and the cymbals wash in. 

Be sure to catch new videos on his Youtube channel or Instagram!

Originally Posted January 10 2018