Euclidean Rhythms for Organelle!

August 17, 2018

This Organelle patch is a looping 16-step Euclidean Rhythm machine with an 8-voice sample player. A Euclidean Rhythm is an even division of beats within a measure, or as close to even as possible. This is a simple but powerful musical idea, especially when there are many ‘voices’ playing a rhythm. This patch can sound like whatever you want if you replace the samples in the patch folder!

Keys play samples. Knob1 controls tempo. Knob2 sets the density of the rhythm from 1-16 beats . Knob3 shifts the rhythm relative to the measure's start. Knob4 controls the samples' decay. Aux button controls latch and sequencer. View the rhythm graphically or through the text-based parameter display. Send the rhythm out as MIDI notes and/or control it with an external MIDI device. It is Ableton Link enabled for wireless tempo sync (WiFi adapter needed). 

Special thanks to Ela Minus for the drum samples!

Originally Posted May 08 2018