ETC Modes with LFO Automation

October 12, 2018

We released nine new ETC Video Synth modes this week! These modes use LFOs to automate aspects of the imagery. Some modes are brand new. Other modes have been around but now include this new LFO functionality. The video above shows many of the modes in action. The modes are: 

T – Magnify Cloud – LFO

S – Rough Fine Vert – LFO

S – Simple – LFO

S – Interference – LFO

S – Circle Row – LFO

S – Line Bounce Four – LFO

S – Line Bounce Two – LFO

S – Bits V – LFO

S – Bits H – LFO

The video below is a brief demo of the Rough / Fine Vertical LFO Mode:

Visit Patch Storage for more ETC modes!