DJ Patch

August 17, 2018

New Organelle Patch Alert! DJ Patch is a “beat-juggling” sample player with two independent playheads. Change the relative position and playback speed of the second playhead to the master playhead for phasing, echo, simultaneous forward & backward playback, and detuned effects.

Blend between to the playheads with a crossfader (Knob 2) and change your sound all at once with the sample selector (Knob 1). The keys set the position of the second playhead in relation to the master. Start and stop sample playback with the Aux button/footswitch input. This function can be controlled with incoming MIDI notes. Conversely, send MIDI from the Organelle to another instrument and play the keys to make a rare layering of notes and sample slices. 

Originally Posted March 03 2018