1 Billion Possible Combinations

August 17, 2018

This video is a very tiny example of the over 1 billion sonic combinations possible when using three Organelles running the '1008' patch!

The '1008' patch features 9 synths/samplers, 8 sequencers, and 14 effects. Choose one of each to build up a sound. There are 1,008 possible combinations (9x8x14)!With three Organelles using '1008' there are 1,024,192,512 possible combinations (1008x1008x1008)!These three are connected via MIDI in a circle, so MIDI goes out of Organelle A into Organelle B, out of Organelle B into Organelle C, and from Organelle C back to Organelle A. It can be a little unwieldy (like at the end, when the loop keeps getting retriggered!) but also lead to cool configurations!

Originally Posted February 14 2018