201 Pocket Piano



The Pocket Piano returns and is better than ever! Like its predecessor, the 201 Pocket Piano is fun, portable, and packed with a medley of musical magic!

The 201 is nearly pocket size, but don't let its small size fool you! Under the hood is some powerful circuitry that will allow you to explore your musical ideas quickly and easily.

• Like the original Pocket Piano but better
• Six sound engines provide a range of sonic textures
• Built-in note patterns turn key presses into arpeggios and note repeaters
• Sound Engines and Patterns can be customized and/or swapped out for different ones
• Built-In Speaker
• Battery Power

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201 Pocket Piano

$375.00 ($345 'b' stock)



At the heart of the 201 are six sound engines providing a wide range of sonic texture. Use the shift key to select an engine. There is a little bit of everything: chiptune style waveforms, analog style filters, drum samples, realistic physical instrument models, and even a human vocal synthesizer. Use the three center control knobs to further explore the sounds. Dial in the right amount of sustain, or adjust the tone. Or turn the 'surprise' knob if you are brave!


Play directly on the keyboard or turn on one of the pattern generators. From simple octave arpeggiation to randomizing polyphonic patterns you will be inspired by the notes coming out of the 201! Use the first control knob to set the pattern's tempo.
The pattern generators also work great for creating drum beats using the drum samples!


If you like the way something sounds, recording it is just a button press away! There is a handy metronome that you can play/record along with. When the sequence is playing back you can endlessly change the pattern and synth engine. When you get it just right, hit the save button. You can save 'unlimited' sequences (well... not really unlimited, but many thousands).Then recall saved sequences easily using the navigation buttons.


The 201 wants to be friends with all your other gear! It works great with guitar effects pedals and amps. With MIDI in and out you can control other synthesizers with the 201, or the other way around. A USB-C connector lets you easily move files on and off the instrument.  

Open Source

Critter & Guitari is committed to making musical electronics that are open platforms. Like our Organelle and EYESY instruments, the 201 is built entirely with Open Source software.
nside, the 201 uses a combination of Pure Data and Faust musical programming environments. Users are invited to modify or create new sound engines!

Quality Materials

The 201 is built to last. It features an anodized aluminum enclosure and maple buttons for a nice, tactile feel. It's assembled and tested by hand.


Physical Characteristics:

  • Size: 9.3" x 3.4" x 2.1" / 23.6 x 8.6 x 5.3 cm.
    Height includes knobs.
  • Weight: 18oz / 500g.
  • Enclosure Top: Powder Coated Aluminum w/ silkscreen
  • Enclosure Bottom: Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Rock Maple Keyboard Keys


  • Audio Output: ¼" Monophonic Line Output Jack
  • Speaker Output: Built-in 3W Speaker
  • MIDI Input: ⅛" Mini MIDI In jack (TRS Type A connection)
  • MIDI Output: ⅛" Mini MIDI Out jack (TRS Type A connection)

PRocessing & Storage:

  • ARM Cortex-A7 processor at 900 MHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • An included 8GB micro SD card stores the OS and supplemental files such as synth modes, patterns, and presets.


  • External Power via USB-C Port
  • 3x 'AA' batteries can be used as Internal battery power for portability. The battery holder can be found on the bottom face of the 201. Batteries not included.

Included Items:

  • 1x 201 Pocket Piano
  • 1x External Power Supply with USB-A Port
  • 1x Power Cable: USB-A to USB-C