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Free Kaleidoloop Shirt


Free t-shirt with purchase of instrument! 

Blue 100% cotton t-shirts feature a two-tone image of the Kaleidoloop's speaker grille. 

Choose your shirt after adding an instrument to your shopping cart and clicking "Proceed to Checkout" on cart page. Be sure to click "Add to Cart" after choosing size.

While supplies last. Limit one per customer. Shirts made in USA. Printed in New York City by Raygun Printing

Written by Critter & Guitari — September 26, 2014

Synthwin Contest 2014 Winners

We are happy to announce the Picture and Video winners from our contest this week.  Congrats to atdavis444 and hicksoncompactgroup!   Thanks to everyone who submitted, it is so great to see all the creative pictures and videos.  Check out #synthwin2014 on Instagram to see all the entries.



Written by Critter & Guitari — August 29, 2014

Critter & Guitari Synthwin Contest 2014!

Win a Critter & Guitari instrument of your choosing!

What is the Contest?

We want to see how you’re enjoying our instruments! Enter the contest in 3 steps!

  1. Get out any or all of your Critter & Guitari instruments (Pocket Pianos, Kaleidoloops, Video Scope, Bolsa Bass, etc.) and photograph or video them in situations like:
    • your current music setup
    • on stage
    • some context that blows our minds
  2. Upload the photo or video to your Instagram account and include the hashtags:
    • #synthwin2014
    • and the instrument(s) you used: #bolsabass#pocketpiano#kaleidoloop, #melodymill, #iio, #videoscope, #blackandwhitescope, #rhythmscope.
  3. Follow us on Instagram: @critterguitari

Who can win?

There will be two winning entries: one photo and one video winner.

What can you win?

The winners will win one (1) new, currently produced Critter & Guitari instrument of their choosing! Already have a Pocket Piano MIDI?...choose a Bolsa Bass for some low end in your setup. Always wanted a Video Scope to see your sounds?...if you win, it's yours! And so on...

How long does the contest run?

The contest opens today, Thursday August 21th, and closes on Wednesday, August 27 2014. All photos and videos must be posted on Instagram by the end of the day on August 28th EDT. Submissions posted after that time will not be reviewed.

Winner Announcement

We will announce the winner on Friday August 29 2014. The winning submissions will be reposted on our site and social media accounts. The winners may be asked to verify their account and contact information. We will ship the winner's instrument after collecting the necessary information. 

The Fine Print

  • Feel free to submit multiple entries!
  • The images or movies must be created by you. Shared submissions will not be accepted. 
  • Current Critter & Guitari employees are not eligible to win.
  • Please "Keep it Clean!" (you know what we mean).  
  • Borrowing a friend's instrument to photograph or video is cool by us!

 Good Luck and Have Fun!!

- Critter & Guitari 


Written by Critter & Guitari — August 19, 2014

Rhythm Scope & Drums!

Drummer Gabriela Jimeno controls the Rhythm Scope! We set up her kit, two mics, a Rhythm Scope and a projector and recorded the AV magic! This video shows the Rhythm Scope's 16 modes responding to her drum beats. 

Production notes: The Rhythm Scope is receiving audio from two Shure SM 57 microphones (off camera): one mic is set up on the the kick drum and the other is above the drum set. The mics are fed into a mixer which sends the audio to the Rhythm Scope and an 8-track recorder. Unless the Rhythm Scope was set to random mode, we would set it to a specific mode depending on her beat.

Please check out more of Gabriela's work at: &

Written by Critter & Guitari — May 18, 2014

New Black & White Video Scope!!


The newest video synthesizer creates elemental patterns from your music in beautiful black and white!  Simply plug in a sound source to the 1/4" jack, and connect a TV or Projector to the video output. 


Written by Critter & Guitari — February 21, 2014

Critter & Guitari visit Japan!

Critter & Guitari take a trip to Japan to learn new techniques for their instruments!

Animation by Devin Flynn. More of his work here: 
Yeah Buddy Yokai voices by Mika Yoneta-Flynn

Written by Critter & Guitari — January 19, 2014

New Eurorack Module: IIO

The IIO is our newest module for Eurorack modular synths.  It provides a simple speaker output and two inputs.  Great for creating self contained portable Eurorack setups, or previewing signals in large setups.  3 watt speaker gets nice and loud!

Written by Critter & Guitari — December 09, 2013

Critter & Guitari SynthGiveaway!

Win a Critter & Guitari instrument this holiday season!

We’re giving the gift of music this holiday season! Like and share to enter to win a Pocket Piano GR. Win it to give it as a gift or keep it for yourself!

To be entered to win, Like us/Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share the following image with the hashtag: #cgsynthgiveaway

Be sure to '@' us to make sure we see it! Our accounts are here:

 What can you win?

The winner will win one (1) new Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano GR.

How long does the contest run?

The contest opens today, Friday November 29 2013, and closes on Sunday December 8 2013. Winner Announced on Monday December 9 2013.

Winner Announcement

We will enter each entrant's name into a drawing and then pick one winner. The winner may be asked to verify their account and contact information. We will ship the winner's instrument after collecting the necessary information.

Happy Holidays,

Critter & Guitari

UPDATE Dec 9, 2013 - We have picked a winner! Congratulations to the Instagram user "spacemannn" - you have won the contest! Thanks to all who entered! We'll do another one sometime soon! Happy Holidays!

Written by Critter & Guitari — November 29, 2013

Melody Mill! New Module for Eurorack!

We are pleased to announce the Melody Mill module! The Melody Mill brings the fun of the Pocket Piano to modular synthesizer setups!  It's got a built-in keyboard, CV outputs, CV clock input, built-in arpeggiators, a sequencer, MIDI capabilities and a stamped gold-anodized panel.

With the Melody Mill you can:

  • Use the CV output to control oscillators
  • Connect your MIDI controller or computer to your modular setup using the MIDI input
  • Play notes, record and playback sequences and arpeggios on your favorite modules
  • Convert MIDI clock into CV pulses
  • Clock the arpeggiator with an LFO for strange melodies
  • 'Hold' notes for drones
  • Connect the built-in square wave oscillator directly to a filter or an amp
  • And more!..Details here:
Shipping now!

Written by Critter & Guitari — November 25, 2013

Critter & Guitari Rhythm Scope


Announcing the Rhythm Scope! It's a video synthesizer that generates visual patterns in response to beats, arpeggios and other percussive sounds! Select one of 16 patterns or use the Random mode to switch patterns every 1-16 beats. Great for live shows, video jams, drum practice, and more! 


Written by Critter & Guitari — October 23, 2013